Giant Coral Bean (Erythrina x bidwillii)

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Giant coral bean is a cross between the Texas native Erythrina herbacea and tropical Erythrina crista-galli. The result is a robust plant that grows incredibly quickly and showers us with luscious, velvety red blooms that hummingbirds particularly enjoy. It can easily reach 6-8 feet in one growing season, so give it plenty of room. It is also best planted away from high-traffic areas due to its thorny nature. Giant coral bean adapts well to both dry and moist soil, although it achieves a larger size with more moisture. While it dies to the ground each winter, it comes back with a vengeance in the spring.



Water use Low to medium
Sun exposure Full to part sun
Bloom color Red
Bloom time Spring, summer
Mature height 6-8 ft
Mature spread 6-8 ft
Attracts Hummingbirds
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