Oenothera lindheimeri (Gaura)

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Gaura’s delicate blooms add movement to any sunny garden. Even though the bloom stalks are tall, they have a see-through quality to them when planted en masse, and they pair well with other perennials. Deadheading prolongs its blooming period, and if gaura is cut back midsummer, it will rebloom in the fall. Gaura fits well in any sunny garden, and works well interplanted with other perennials, in the back of a perennial border, or planted en masse.

'Belleza White' is a compact variety with white flowers. 

'Belleza Dark Pink' is a compact variety with pink flowers.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low to medium
Sun exposure Full sun, part sun
Bloom color White, pink
Bloom time Spring, summer
Mature height 1-3 ft
Mature spread 1-2 ft
Attracts Butterflies, bees


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