Melampodium leucanthum (Blackfoot Daisy)

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Blackfoot daisy is often underestimated until you see it in full bloom. This unassuming mounding perennial needs sun and well-draining soil to thrive, and it is sometimes finicky during the establishment period. But it is well worth the effort once it is happy, offering a shower of white blooms in exchange for very little care. When the plant becomes leggy, it benefits from a haircut – a simple trim to the basal rosette. Blackfoot daisy is a great addition to a rock garden or a sunny border.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Sun, part sun
Bloom color White
Bloom time On and off spring through fall
Mature height 1 ft
Mature spread 2 ft
Attracts Bees, butterflies, birds
Deer resistant Yes
Notes Needs excellent drainage.
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