Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)

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Comment: Small. Lightly rooted.

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With a name like Butterfly Weed, you may be tempted to skip it and move on to nicer-sounding options. But do not be fooled – this milkweed is actually a gem in the rough. It is a host plant for monarch butterflies, and it belongs in every sunny garden in Texas. Its bright orange blooms are attractive and hard to overlook. It is very drought tolerant due to a long taproot, and nothing seems to bother it as long as it is in the right spot.

Although it is an aphid magnet, they never seem to do any permanent damage. Many bugs seem attracted to it, including milkweed bugs, but the Butterfly Weed always seems to win. It is a must-have in a butterfly garden and does very will in meadows, prairies, sunny borders, or naturalized areas.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Full sun to part sun
Bloom color Orange
Bloom time Spring, summer
Mature height 1-2.5 ft
Mature spread 1-2 ft
Attracts Butterflies, hummingbirds
Host plant Grey Hairstreak, Monarch, Queen
Deer resistant Yes
Poisonous Roots, sap. Toxic only if eaten in large quantities.
Notes Bumble, honey and native bee friendly. Attracts beneficial insects.





 Present in state
 Present in county and native
 Native to North America, but adventive & escaped in state         
 Not present in state
 Present and rare, native in county
 Previously present, now extinct
 Questionable presence (cross-hatched, regardless of color)