Viguiera stenoloba (Skeleton-Leaf Goldeneye)

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Skeleton-leaf goldeneye is a very drought-tolerant shrubby perennial with daisy-like yellow flowers. It blooms from summer until the first frost and does best in full sun and dry sites. It needs well-draining soil.

Skeleton-leaf goldeneye appreciates supplemental water in the summer, but once established it is very drought-tolerant. It is also deer resistant. Deadhead spent flowers to keep it tidy and encourage more blooms.

Skeleton-leaf goldeneye can be used as a tall ground cover or small flowering shrub.



Texas native Yes
Water use  Low
Sun exposure Full to part sun
Bloom color Yellow
Bloom time Summer, fall
Mature height 1.5-3 ft
Mature spread 2-4 ft
Attracts Butterflies, bees, birds
Host plant Bordered Patch butterfly
Deer resistant Yes
Notes Needs well-draining soil.
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