Rhus aromatica (Aromatic Sumac)

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Aromatic sumac is a handsome deciduous shrub with nice fall color in different hues of red and orange. Female plants produce fuzzy red berries that birds love. Aromatic sumac needs good drainage and can be grown in full sun to part shade. Aromatic sumac works well as an anchor plant, screen, or backdrop shrub, and they can be planted en masse, similar to how they grow in their natural environment.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Full sun to bright shade
Bloom color Yellow
Bloom time  Spring
Mature height 5-8 ft
Mature spread 4-6 ft
Attracts Butterflies, birds
Host plant Red-banded hairstreak, banded hairstreak butterfly
Erosion control Yes
Deer resistant Yes
Notes Bumble bee and honey bee friendly. Attracts beneficial insects.


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