Mahonia trifoliolata (Agarita)

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Agarita tells a story of resilient beauty. Its leaves have hues of green and blue but are very prickly, so the agarita is best planted away from high-traffic areas. In the spring, it produces small yellow flowers, followed by red berries. The berries are edible and quite delicious – sweet yet tart if allowed to ripen.

Agarita may look modest at first, even rough, but give it time and it will grow to an impressive shrub that anchors the space. Its flexible nature gives us choice in its use in the garden, and it is one of the few Texas native evergreens that are cherished by wildlife.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Full sun to part sun
Bloom color Yellow
Bloom time Spring
Mature height 4-5 ft
Mature spread 4-6 ft
Evergreen Yes
Attracts Birds, bees
Edible Yes, berries
Deer resistant Yes




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