Asclepias verticillata (Whorled Milkweed)

Asclepias verticillata (Whorled Milkweed)

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Size: 1 gal

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Whorled Milkweed is a widely adaptable and tough native milkweed that is deer resistant and a host plant for Monarch and Queen butterflies. It has narrow, fine textured leaves and clusters of small white flowers that appear in the summer. It forms attractive drifts.

Whorled Milkweed grows in average, dry to medium moist, well-drained soils in full sun, but it tolerates part sun/part shade. It is drought tolerant.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low, medium
Sun exposure Full sun to part shade
Bloom time Summer
Mature height 1-2.5 ft
Attracts Butterflies
Host plant Monarch, Queen
Deer resistant Yes
Poisonous Yes
Notes Bumble, honey and native bee friendly. Attracts beneficial insects.
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