Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine 'Tangerine beauty')

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If you are dazzled by large blooms, crossvine will be a welcome addition to your garden. It is well behaved and evergreen. It covers pergolas, fences, and trellises easily and can be used to cascade over a wall or spill over rocks. Due to its evergreen nature, it provides visual interest in the winter when many other plants either disappear or look drab. When in bloom, it is filled with large flowers in various shades of red, orange, and yellow that are cherished by hummingbirds and butterflies.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low to medium
Sun exposure Full to part sun
Bloom color Red, yellow
Bloom time Spring
Mature height 30-50 ft
Evergreen Yes
Attracts Butterflies, hummingbirds
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