Bouteloua curtipendula (Sideoats Grama)

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Sideoats grama is the state grass of Texas for a reason. It can deal with capricious Texas weather and come back victorious. It is a medium size grass that plays well with other plants, and because it is short in the spring, it pairs well with spring wildflowers. It does well competing with short grasses but not with tall grasses. Birds relish the seeds, and it is a host plant for skipper butterflies. Sideoats grama is a warm season grass that is very ornamental during summer.  It is a lovely choice for urban micro-prairies, wildflower gardens, and meadows.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low, medium
Sun exposure Full sun, part sun, part shade
Bloom time Summer, fall
Mature height 2 ft
Attracts Birds, butterflies
Host plant Green Skipper, Dotted Skipper, Sheep Skipper butterfly
Deer resistant Yes
Notes Native bee friendly.
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