Solidago altissima (Tall Goldenrod)

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Also known as Canada Goldenrod.

Tall goldenrod is a rhizomatous, upright perennial in the sunflower family. It produces showy yellow flower clusters in late summer or early fall. The flowers are nectar source for many insects, including bees and butterflies.

Tall goldenrod is commonly but unfairly blamed for hay fever (allergic reaction to wind-borne pollen) that is usually caused by pollen from ragweed since the two bloom at the same time, but only ragweed is wind pollinated.

Tall goldenrod does well in pollinator gardens, naturalized areas, pocket prairies and meadows.


Texas native Yes
Water use Medium
Sun exposure Sun, part sun
Bloom color Yellow
Bloom time Late summer/early fall
Mature height 4-5 ft
Mature spread 4-5 ft
Attracts Birds, butterflies, bees
Notes Native and honey bee friendly. Attracts beneficial insects.


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