Cercis canadensis var. texensis (Texas Redbud)

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Texas redbud is a small ornamental tree that blooms in the spring. The flowers appear before leaves emerge and can be quite spectacular. The flowers are pink to magenta. Texas redbud is smaller and more drought tolerant than Eastern Redbud, and its leaves are smaller, thicker and more leathery. It comes as a single or multi-trunk and can grow to about 12-20 ft.

Texas redbud does best as an understory tree, protected from the harsh evening sun in the summer, but can handle full sun exposure as well. It can be planted any time but the ideal time for planting trees is fall, winter or early spring.

Texas redbud can be used as a focal point or planted in groupings.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low, medium
Sun exposure Full sun to part shade
Bloom color Pink to magenta
Bloom time Spring
Mature height 12-20 ft
Attracts  Birds, butterflies, bees
Host plant Henry's Elfin butterfly





 Present in state
 Present in county and native
 Native to North America, but adventive & escaped in state         
 Not present in state
 Present and rare, native in county
 Previously present, now extinct
 Questionable presence (cross-hatched, regardless of color)         

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