Yucca pallida (Pale-leaf yucca)

Yucca pallida (Pale-leaf yucca)

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Size: 1 gal / Yucca pallida

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Pale-leaf yucca is native to north-central Texas. This low growing yucca makes an excellent ground cover. It sports sage-green or bluish-green leaves. It may be single or have multiple offsets. It needs good drainage, and will develop root and crown rot if over-watered.

Pale-leaf yucca can tolerate some shade, and add interesting textural interest there, but will most likely not bloom as well or at all in shade.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Sun to part shade
Bloom color White
Bloom time Spring
Mature height 1-2 ft, up to 6 ft with flower stalk
Mature spread  1-2 ft
Evergreen Yes
Attracts Butterflies, moths
Host plant Yucca giant skipper
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