Wedelia hispida (Zexmenia)

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Size: 1 gal

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Zexmenia is a lovely, no hassle addition to any sunny or partly sunny garden. It actually is a small shrub with its lower stem becoming woody with age.

Zexmenia is a heat-loving plant that produces yellow/orange flowers on and off late spring through fall. It thrives in rocky soils, but it is adaptable as long as the soil is well-draining. It is long-lived, drought tolerant and easy to grow. It may be trimmed periodically to shape or promote denser growth. Too much water or shade will make it leggy.



Texas native Yes
Water use Low
Sun exposure Sun to part shade
Bloom color Yellow
Bloom time On and off late spring through fall
Mature height 2 ft
Mature spread 2 ft
Attracts Butterflies, bees
Host plant

Bordered Patch, Sierran Metalmark, Lacinia Patch butterfly


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